As imaging technology improves, we’re seeing more and more slow motion video on the Internet and at home. Which is a good thing, because the slower things are, the more details you can spot. Oh, and, of course, it’s fun. But it’s usually low resolution, so Sony’s new point-and-shoot, the RX100 iv, is a welcome change of pace.

Slow It Down

The RX100 is a pretty typical point and shoot in most respects. 20.1 MP sensor, Zeiss lens, if you’re familiar with Sony at all as a camera company, almost none of this will be new. It’s the slow-motion video that’s the most arresting.

It’s worth noting that the video in question will be relatively low resolution. Thanks to the light needs of high-speed photography, the processor essentially isn’t fast enough to capture HD video beyond a certain speed. The 240fps option gets the closest to HD, at 1,824×1,026 compared to 1920×1080, although that’s still better than the iPhone 6 with its 1280×720 pixel resolution. If you opt for the 1000fps option, though, get ready for quality to be degraded: 800×270.

That’s still better that other consumer solutions, though, and it puts slow motion in the palm of your hand. That’s a pretty substantial upgrade.

Slow Dance

rx100 2

Slow motion is pretty fun to mess around with, and work-wise, there are a lot of uses for slow motion. Like… like… OK, we can’t think of anything. But it also shoots 4K! So, at a price of $1000, it might be worth it. Or at least justifiable.

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