The Sony RX100 Puts Slow Motion In The Palm Of Your Hand

As imaging technology improves, we’re seeing more and more slow motion video on the Internet and at home. Which is a good thing, because the slower things are, the more details you can spot. Oh, and, of course, it’s fun. But it’s usually low resolution, so Sony’s new point-and-shoot, the RX100 iv, is a welcome change of pace.

Slow It Down

The RX100 is a pretty typical point and shoot in most respects. 20.1 MP sensor, Zeiss lens, if you’re familiar with Sony at all as a camera company, almost none of this will be new. It’s the slow-motion video that’s the most arresting.

It’s worth noting that the video in question will be relatively low resolution. Thanks to the light needs of high-speed photography, the processor essentially isn’t fast enough to capture HD video beyond a certain speed. The 240fps option gets the closest to HD, at 1,824×1,026 compared to 1920×1080, although that’s still better than the iPhone 6 with its 1280×720 pixel resolution. If you opt for the 1000fps option, though, get ready for quality to be degraded: 800×270.

That’s still better that other consumer solutions, though, and it puts slow motion in the palm of your hand. That’s a pretty substantial upgrade.

Slow Dance

rx100 2

Slow motion is pretty fun to mess around with, and work-wise, there are a lot of uses for slow motion. Like… like… OK, we can’t think of anything. But it also shoots 4K! So, at a price of $1000, it might be worth it. Or at least justifiable.

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