Solar power is the dream of many car owners. To be free of gasoline, to be able to just power up your car by leaving it outside and keeping the roof clean (admittedly a challenge), is a dream for many. Well, how much do you want to pay for it, because Hammacher Schlemmer has a functioning velomobile for $9,900.

The Sun Is A Miasma Of Incandescent Plasma

Granted, we’re not talking about a thunderously fast vehicle here. In fact, we’re talking about a vehicle that you pedal and that actually only reaches a top speed of 30 mph when you do that and also have the electric motor cranking. So this isn’t going to be a world-beating vehicle, here, and it probably won’t change anyone’s mind regarding internal combustion. Still, it’s kinda neat.

Solar Winds

It’s a pretty simple design; a tricycle layout with an electric motor, the motor powered by the solar panel on the roof. It’s also got an adorable tendency to try and be a real car, with turn signals and brake lights, headlights and rearview mirrors and all the other stuff that… well, come on. This isn’t even a Smartcar. Still, kudos for supplying the proper safety equipment; in many countries that actually makes this thing road legal. Really!

Solar Car


This may not be the perfect solar vehicle, especially since it takes seven hours to rack up a full charge. But it’s definitely a start, especially compared to some of the vehicles we’ve seen in the past that tried to cut the dead dinosaur juice out of the equation. It may not get you where you need to go quickly, but the Solar Velomobile is definitely a hint at what the future holds. Just, maybe not make it look like a Little Tikes car, guys. Really, come on, how did you not notice that?


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