Recreate Your Own Favorite Scenes With The Simpsons House LEGO Set

The simpsons house lego set

A while back, we posted about The Simpsons LEGO set being the first licensed line of LEGO minifies and now they’ve released their house as its own set. The new set has 2,523 bricks and comes with a variety of seated featured like a detachable roof, modular design, the famous family couch – even their pink car with a dent! Open up the top to discover the family bedroom that includes Maggie’s crib, Bart’s room complete with a Krusty poster, Lisa’s room filled with looks and even a bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink and mirror (because we all know toy LEGO’s need to go, right?). Check out the iconic living room with their infamous couch and TV playing Itchy and Scratchy.

In the detachable garage, there’s a workbench, took rack, vacuum, toolbox and their dented car that even has a radioactive bar from Homer’s job at the nuclear power plant. Outside looks just as it does on the classic animated TV series, with even an air conditioning unit with “Property of Ned Flanders” on it! This set is definitely a collector’s item and includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders. It measures over 9″ high. 16″ wide and 9″ dee[ and goes for $199.99 (limit five per customer).

The simpsons house lego set

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