The Showerpik: For The Very, Very Rushed


We all need to floss; it’s a key part of dental health. The flip side of that is that everybody hates flossing with a passion, and a lot of us will argue it takes too much time to jam, say, a water pick in their mouths and hose between their teeth. Hence, apparently, the invention of the Showerpik.

The Showerpik is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: A Waterpik, that classic flossing device we all know about from romantic comedies, except it’s designed to be a part of your shower. As in, literally: You connect it between the pipe and the shower head, to give it the water flow it needs. So you don’t need to fill the reservoir for it to work, and you can adjust the temperature of the water in your mouth to your liking.

The essential idea, according to the marketing materials, is to provide “the convenience of conducting [your] oral care in the shower.” When you decide it’s time, as part of your morning regimen, to blast your teeth and gums with high pressure water, you just take the Showerpik down and fire it up. It’s a standard Waterpik in that way, spritzing between your teeth to clean them out.

In addition, you get two jet tips and a “hygenic” tip cover, although you’d think anybody at this point where they’re that pressed for time might be setting things like that aside, a little bit. For us, the main drawback is that, well, we take hot showers, so, it’s pretty easy to imagine taking this down, flipping this thing on, sticking it in your mouth, and suddenly having a really bad day.

As we can't seem to find any other marketing photos, here's a model flossing. She got paid to do that.

But hey, if you need maximum efficiency, this might just be the product you were looking for. It’s available now for $80.

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