The Shell Gives Your iPhone A Protective Wood Case And Charges It Wirelessly

iPhone users are always hunting for the perfect case, and everybody from Chinese knock-off manufacturers to Kickstarters are looking to offer it to them. But for those who want an iPhone with a little more class and style, or just like the look of wood, there’s a new case on the block… and it’ll even charge your phone wirelessly.

Wood For iPhones

Designed to work with the Pebble wireless charger, or any Qi-based charging mat, the Shell has two very strong virtues. The first of which is that, although you have to buy the charger separately, it makes wireless charging a snap. Just rest your phone on the charger and said charger goes to work. It’s a surprisingly elegant and useful solution, if you haven’t tried it.

The second is, of course, the materials. It’s often hard to find a phone case that doesn’t feel cheap or otherwise ratty, so it’s nice to see something that machined out of quality lumber. Currently you can only get it in walnut, but we’re assuming other woods will be coming at some point. Nobody gets an iPhone case if they can’t get options.

iphone shell 2


True, some of us aren’t fans of wireless charging, and that the case comes with it and no other options will be a downer for some. And at roughly $100 before shipping, it’s not cheap. But it’ll protect your phone, keep it charged, and look good doing both. For many, that’s the perfect case.

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