The Rock Smartwatch Takes A Licking, Keeps On… Notifiying


The best smartwatch should be tough right? Watches are more fashion accessory than useful item, these days, something the smartwatch trend is trying to address. But there’s another problem; most people are secretly very good at destroying watches. The Rock wants to ensure that your smartwatch can take a beating and still tell you when you have email.

Like A… Well, Rock, We Guess

It starts, of course, with durability. The Rock comes in two versions, a stainless steel face and a tough plastic face that allows you to use it without worrying whether you’re destroying it. But the real fun part comes when you start putting apps on it.

Look At My App

Essentially, The Rock is designed to run any app you have on your phone, from your watch. It’s got Android on-board and a dual-core processor as a matter of course. It also has a Portal App, which essentially translates any app you have to the screen of your watch. This is useful not least because most apps aren’t designed for smaller smartwatch screens, so you may find yourself squinting, or simply unable to use the app at all, with other smartwatches.

In addition, the Rock can handle a lot of notifications; currently up to nine apps at once can bug you about stuff they want you to do or emails they want you to check. While that may not be for everybody, it’s a good way to stay on top of your notifications if you don’t want to pull out your phone to see what the buzzing is about.

Also, it’s got options to incorporate Qi wireless charging technology, just to make using it a little easier.

Start of Watch


It’s true that smartwatches aren’t for everybody, even as the sector catches on fire with Samsung and, or so it’s rumored, Apple in the fray. But if you’re looking for a solid smartwatch, especially one that can take a beating, it might be time to trust in the Rock.

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  1. Agreed. At best this is a shady resale job on the Z3, at worst it is an out and out scam to take the money and run. You might want to research a little more before helping to draw in marks.

  2. Did you get this article sent to you? This KS is going down in flames. First it was questions on the specs like 4g +4GB RAM abd a 240×240 1080p screen. It has only gone downhill from there.

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