The Quinny Longboard Stroller Lets You And Your Baby Longboard Around

The longboard is becoming an increasingly popular way of getting around; it’s cheap, it’s fast, it stores easily, and thus is a great tool for commuting. Albeit one that isn’t quite as exercise-intensive as riding a bike around, although at least on a skateboard, you can wear normal clothes. But what if you have a kid? Fortunately, the Quinny Longboard Stroller allows you to combine strollers and longboards into one.

Baby On Longboard

The Quinny is simple enough in execution. The stroller is in the front of the board; you strap your baby in, and make sure they’ve got a helmet, and then push off and get rolling. It steers just like an actual long board, with a nice raised section at the front and on the tail to accommodate bigger, stronger trucks and wheels.

In fact, the whole board is a custom job, right down to the wheels. It has to be, to accept the extra weight. So if you were hoping to trick this out with some better wheels, sorry, but you’re stuck with the stock board. On the bright side, this means it comes with a hand brake, so if you’re about to wipe out, you can salvage the situation and hopefully not injure your kid. Hopefully.


Quinny Longboard Stroller

If you want one of these, you’d better be prepared to order quickly and to pay quickly; there’s only a thousand units right now, it only ships to the European Union, and it currently costs about $660. On the other hand, there’s no other board that will let you imagine you’re simultaneously a teenager with no restrictions and a responsible parent. Come on, do an ollie with your kid strapped in. Nothing could possibly go wrong! Well, OK, a lot could go wrong, but you’ll still be the cool parent.

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