The Puppet Pouch Covers The DS/DSi Of Only The Manliest Of Men

Puppet Pouch

The Puppet Pouch. Look at the name. Look at the picture. CTA Digital seems to be catering to a very specific demographic with their DS/DSi case, but I’m sure it does a good job of keeping your handheld safe, protected, and cute. There’s a zipper pouch to store your games, and its name comes from the fact that it can also function as a puppet.  Now the only question is: are you comfortable enough with your masculinity to get one of these?

The Puppet Pouch is available now for $19.99.

Announcing the Padded Puppet Pouch for DS and DSi
April 26, 2010

CTA Digital takes a bold step with a Padded Puppet Pouch for DS/DSi™ that ranks high on the cuteness meter.

BROOKLYN, NY – CTA Digital (, a leading provider of accessories for video game consoles and portable devices, has announced the release of the Padded Puppet Pouch for the DS™ and DSi™. With a wider demographic discovering the appeal of portable gaming, including younger children, girls, parents and even grandparents; this likeable accessory sets the perfect mood and tone.

Who doesn’t like uber-cute plush puppets carrying their devices? If you can have stuffed animals sitting on monitors of engineers, then you can surely imagine plush puppet pouches in the bags and hands of young kids and grandparents alike.

This Pouch provides more than adequate protection for the system with a soft felt interior. The device is firmly held in a zippered and padded felt compartment, secured with the help of elastic straps. There is also a separate zippered compartment where you can store your favorite games and accessories.

The best part is that this pouch is also a puppet, which can be used even while the DSi is inside. With the rise of popularity of handheld gaming, specifically among younger kids, this Puppet Pouch is a great way to add cheerfulness and protection to their portable gaming experience.

This Padded Puppet Pouch is a great gift for DS / DSi users and is available on Amazon (, as well as other retail outlets such as Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy & more.

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