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Picking up one of the best mattresses for The Provencial Bedroom is straightforward. It’s the aesthetics of the bed set you have to worry about most. You want something sturdy, French country-inspired. Maybe an entire bedroom set? The HEFX Traditional French Provincial Bedroom Set is perfect, featuring five pieces made of brown oak.

Why We Like It – The Provencial Bedroom

This French-inspired 5-piece bed set made of sturdy, brown oak is built to last and fit inside any style of The Provencial Bedroom.

  • Made of sturdy, brown oak
  • 5-piece bed set
  • Tasteful French country style bedroom design
  • Limited to Queen and King sized mattresses
  • Expensive


Starting with how well the bed set handles in The Provencial Bedroom, it does so with sophistication and strength. Since it’s made of tough brown oak, this is the kind of bed set that lasts for years on end. The leg on every single piece is wide and thick. As for its Provence style, you would think it was straight out of a French magazine; the light browns are so easy to match with. It’s a great place to start before decorating the rest of The Provencial Bedroom.


There are five pieces altogether: two nightstands, a bed, a dresser topped with a large mirror, and a small chest. Every piece is made of sturdy oak with a weathered brown finish, typical of the Provence country style. The nightstands are large enough to handle a small to medium lamp, a few books and alarm clock. As for the dresser, you get six large drawers to use. And you have a choice between a queen or king size bed. This means that you have your pick between the Helix Mattress, Puffy Lux Mattress, and Casper Mattress, since each one comes in both sizes.


The HEFX Queen French Provencial Bedroom Set isn’t some flimsy table you pick up from IKEA. Serious work goes into designing and creating the set, premium pieces that are beautifully crafted for this specific purpose. With that being said, dropping $3346 on an entire bed set is still hard to swallow. Look at it this way: each of the five pieces are lovingly crafted, made of oak, and everything you need for a bedroom is included. This is a bed set fit for a king or queen.

The Provencial Bedroom Wrap Up

To create The Provencial Bedroom, you can’t ignore quality; it’s built into the French style itself. To achieve that French country style, every piece of this 5-piece bed set is lovingly crafted from oak with a weather brown finish. It’s sturdy and will last through the years, but make no mistake: it will cost you.

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