The Portofino Bedroom Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Bring a bit of Portofino to your bedroom with The Portofino Bedroom, decorated with Milo Italia’s simple, yet sophisticated queen size bed. Built from strong wood and given a stylish velvet upholstered headboard, this anthracite matte grey platform bed will be the cornerstone to your bedroom.

Why We Like It – The Portofino Bedroom

Put some swagger in your bedroom with Milo Italia’s Portofino queen size bed made of strong wood, with a stylish velvet upholstered headboard. For a different more colorful theme, check out The Peacock Bedroom that transforms your bed with a 3 piece coverlet set.

  • Strong, wooden construction
  • Platform style; doesn’t need a box spring
  • Headboard w/ stylish velvet upholstery
  • Only comes in anthracite matte grey


The Portofino Bedroom can’t come to fruition if there isn’t a bed to compliment the room. Thankfully, that’s where Milo Italia’s Portofino queen size bed really shines. As a queen size bed, you are getting more than enough sleeping room, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed, like some might feel on a king-sized bed. Even with your significant other next to you, you’ll still feel like there’s plenty of space to toss and turn. Slide a Kunpeng Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow under your head and you’re good to go.


The design is fairly simple. What’s more important is that it’s strong, but we can’t ignore the textured wooden aesthetic it exudes, pairing nicely with an American Lifetime Premium Day Clock. Since there isn’t a box spring underneath, the bed uses panels to secure the mattress in place. The MVP here, however, is the headboard. It’s fitted with velvet upholstered, which feels so good in the hands.

One minor issue is the finish. While the anthracite matte grey looks fantastic, it’s the only finish the bed comes in. It isn’t an issue for all, but worth noting. It may have something to do with it being part of a collection. For your living room, consider the WE Furniture AZF18MWSTRO Table which has a wooden laminate finish.


The Portofino Bedroom set includes the platform outer shell, with the upholstered headboard. All things considered, for $649 that’s pretty standard. Just get a queen size Casper Sleep Element Mattress, and it’s ready to be slept on! Since it performs well and built strong, we have no problem giving this our seal of quality. In fact, this is actually part of a collection. We highly encourage you to hunt down the rest of the set, which includes pieces like night stands and a dresser (complete with a mirror).

The Portofino Bedroom Wrap Up

The Portofino Bedroom needs a simple, yet elegant bed like Milo Italia’s queen size bed to bring together the rest of the room, provided you have the colors to match its anthracite matte grey finish. It’s still a high-quality built platform bed, fitted with a headboard made of stylish velvet upholstery.

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