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The PopSlate Puts An ePaper Screen On The Back Of Your iPhone 6

We can always use more functionality out of our gadgets. Just ask anybody who’s downloaded an app hoping it’ll improve their commute, or their job, or some other aspect of their lives. The PopSlate, however, takes that to a new level; it doesn’t just give your iPhone a second screen, it solves a stupid, annoying problem Apple refuses to fix.

Paper On The Back

First off, that second screen. It’s pretty simple, really; it’s just an e-paper screen embedded in a laminated slab. The PopSlate will protect your phone, of course, but it will also let you, say, put your boarding pass on the back of your phone, or store a map of the subway in a place you don’t know on there. Even better, if your phone dies, this image will persist until you choose to change it. It’s a handy little tool with a lot to offer.

Party Down Below


And now that stupid, annoying problem I was referring to. Apple has this dinosaur-like tendency to use proprietary ports, a mindset so outdated and dumb not even the people trying to replace Android with a custom OS are doing it. They have resolutely refused to join the twenty-first century and just use USB like everyone else, so the PopSlate, when it slides into your Lightning (HA!) port, solves that problem by converting your iPhone to a microUSB.

Really, it’s probably worth it just for that. The PopSlate is available now.

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  1. eli

    The reason Apple uses Lightning is because its the best. Apple always moves up to the newest, best thing, yet you want to call them ” dinosaur-like”, then Implying that it is good that this item converts the fastest cable out there to old, slow, and crappy USB. Quit being an Apple hater. Open your eyes, it is the others who are remaining in the technology dinosaur age.

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