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The Phantom Speaker Projects Bass for Extra Oomph

What is Deviallet’s Phantom? It certainly looks like something from straight out of sci-fi, but the premise behind this speaker is almost more incredible: A speaker that project sound throughout a room via pressure waves.

It sounds a little spurious, but French company Deviallet has a lot of evidence to back up claims about the Phantom, including a notable 77 patents. The reviews also show the speaker in a positive light, with the device winning an Editor’s Choice award from USA Today at CES 2015. So it seems that the science fiction shape of the device is backed up by real science, capabilities to project sound over distances, especially bass.

Two different versions of the wonder speaker are available, one at 750 watts and 99 dB, and one at 3,000 watts and 105 dB.

Within the speaker is an 800MHz dual-core ARM Cortex processor and 512 MB of DDR3 memory to help the speaker stream sound. The speaker is made of aluminum and glass fiber polycarbonate materials, with different shades available used stainless steel and paint coatings. Up to 24 of the Phantoms can be synchronized together for area-effect sound if necessary, and the system works on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

It helps to see the Phantom in action, where it pulses to the beat like a mechanical organ. What this actually does to sound may need to be experienced in person, but Deviallet promises sound pressure levels at 99 to 105 dBPSI from one meter away, depending on sound. If true, this gives you a real way to feel the bass in your songs, perhaps suitable for a house party or a more visceral entertainment experience.

If you want to try out a Phantom for yourself, you can order one from the website. However, prices start at around $1,900.00, which may strike your gut in an altogether different way than Deviallet intended.

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