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The Phantom 4KFlex Digital Cinema Camera is More Than Meets the Eye (video)


It’s common knowledge, the love I have for massively high–ridiculously sharp high resolution images. I speak on this fact in several of the display pieces and articles I’ve written here on GR. With each passing day I feel the tech world moves ever further away from 1080p as the accepted standard. In the immortal words of The Joker–everyone’s favorite sociopath, “This town needs an enema!” Maybe not literally, but the tech space needs some readjusting. Change is good, ask any Taoist!

Speaking of which, here’s something different and retina searing. The Phantom Flex4K is a new digital cinema camera capable of snatching images at 1000 frames per second in stunning 4096 x 2160. Check out the video above. This camera turns slow-motion into something truly majestic where every little detail is captured in jaw dropping detail. Detailed movements such as acrobatics, martial arts, sporting events and things like explosions, car crashes and the like will be this new behemoth’s stock in trade. The digital camera uses a Super-35 CMOS sensor for 12 stops of dynamic range and reaches speeds of super smooth 2000 frame per second.

The Phantom Flex4k can be had for an impoverishing $109,900 as a nearly bare unit. Add on some much-needed options and accessories and it and hits upwards of $164,900.

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