While having the perfect set of abs may or may not be a deal breaker for some, carving out this difficult muscle group can be quite the accomplishment. Some day’s its easier to stay home in your best power lift recliner.  Especially if you are over 30, just ask The Situation. To help you achieve said success comes along the Perfect Sit-Up.  From the makers of the Perfect Push-Up and the Perfect Pull-Up, the Perfect Sit-Up effectively isolates abdominal and core muscles to allow you to look and feel the way you’ve always wanted.  Shredded. If you’re worried about keeping your blood pressure low, take a look at our the Zona Plus Hypertension relief device is a hand grip tool that will lower your blood pressure review too.

The Perfect Sit-Up assembles with ease and doesn’t weigh all that much, but the storage will be up to you.  It breaks down in the same manner as it’s set up although you’ll find yourself wanting to keep it intact as much as possible in order to stay enthused about using the Perfect Sit-Up on a regular basis. You might also want to read our Withings Smart Body Analyzer review if you want to track your workout progress from home. I found the Perfect Sit-Up to be a bit awkward to store in that it couldn’t really sit against the wall without slumping over and took up a fair amount space on the floor (for those of you living in small spaces).  This could become a space issue for anyone who has even the best wheelchair ramp.  NOTE:  When you buy this product brand new it does come with a wall hanger, my review unit did not unfortunately. If you want to make sure your hands aren’t strained after workout, take a look at our review of this hand reflexology massager.

The Perfect Sit-Up was generally pretty comfortable all around.  The head rest was buoyant and felt more satisfying than a sink while getting shampooed at a salon.  The hand grips felt firm and and didn’t get cumbersome after extended use.  The foot clips were smooth, fit fine when barefoot or when wearing sneakers.  The back rest cushion also padded my contours, but made those back fart noises that you may have heard from the mats you use at the gym.

As far as exercises go, I found some to be more effective than others.  Any time where I had to twist my body to do an oblique crunch I felt way too constrained with in the confines of the Perfect Sit-Up.  Just so it’s known, I stand at 5’10” and weigh around 150lbs.  I totally fit the Perfect Sit-Up no questions asked, (with leg blades fully extended), but was at odds with the design when trying to twist with the machine.

What I also found was that the Perfect Sit-Up made a clicking sound every time I was in mid crunch.  This could either be a indicator that your movement has gone far enough or a problem with my review unit.  I found no mention of it in the directions whatsoever.  I didn’t bother me, but drove my roommate crazy.  Be warned.  Other than the missing “clicking” information, the instructions contained step-by-step directions to get started with more than a handful exercises.  I would have liked a DVD that demonstrated the movements, but I’m sure all of that can be found online.

If you’re new to the whole abs scene, the Perfect Sit-Up would be a great way to get started.  For those of you that already have an established workout, the Perfect Sit-Up isn’t really going to open your eyes to some magical abs oasis.  For $99, the Perfect Sit-Up could be an excellent addition to your home gym and if they had one at the 24 Hour Fitness I go to, I’m sure people would use it.  With that being said, I enjoyed my experience with the Perfect Sit-Up, but wouldn’t call it an imperative piece of equipment in my weekly routine.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Great for beginners
  • Most exercises feel right


  • Some exercises felt awkward
  • Not as useful for experienced people
  • Weird clicking sound?

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  1. Hello guys im new to the abs scene. Before you go to the infomercial website and buy it for 99 dollars or whatever it cost now check your nearest grocery outlet I got it for $20 bucks brand new with instructions and a closet hanger not to mention I didnt have to wait a week for delivery. Its my first day using it I feel good seems to work just fine. I already work out but havent done ab work outs. But before I can really say if it works or not I have to rry it for a month or two but day one felt good.

  2. i finally have abs yes!!!! maybe ppl dont like this machine cuz they havnt ever worked out a day in their life or expect to be super man in one day lol

  3. wow you guys are so fuckin stupidd seriouslyy its not gonna maake a dam miracle in3 or 4 daysyou have to work for it…..the machine just gives u a posibility to get abs a easier way so try it for 1 month complety and youll see the fuckin result dont talk shit in 3 or 4 days

  4. Gimme a break!!!!! is the darned wordin spelled wrong,the dad-burned commas outta place, r is it that u aint got nuttin 2 do????? lookin 4 summin 2 make ye look betr n feel betr is goooood! but judgein on grammer wit a product? aint nobody perfect. r u? sineddddd a redneck from lawrence co. ala.! proud!!!!! hahahahaha

  5. There are no upper abs and there are no lower abs…there are rectus abs(in the middle) that run up and down and there are obliques(on the sides) that also run up and down for the most part, there is no way to strengthen just one region (upper vs. lower) of your abs. Research has shown that straight crunches work each of your abs the best, which works well using this device. Straight crunches even work your obliques better than side crunches. So, use the perfect sit up or not…crunches are crunches and they work the entire muscle just the same.

  6. if you already have a 6 pack or more, it does not work. Works for me (do not have a six pack) everytime my boyfriend (6 pack +)tries to use it, it does not click. This is my first day with it and I feel it.

  7. The commercial says the clicking sound is an indication that you have properly executed the exercise. Hope that helps.

  8. I have my Perfect Sit-up device for about a month. I can see definite improvement in my mid section. It is a bit different than I expected as it differs from a typical machine found in gyms. I see it as a slow movement versus the fast movement seen in the gyms. The machines offer weight resistance, this device is the opposite, it isolates the muscles. What I think has enabled me to accomplish as much as I have is I hold the position at the end for 10 to 30 seconds. It is called isometrics. Tensing at the end is amazing. It takes a lot more than one expects. The important thing to remember when doing isometrics is to breath a lot, otherwise, you could deprive the brain of oxygen. I am 72 and am expecting to see fully developed abs. The neck rest is the best part of the device. The click is supposed to tell you that you have achieved the right position. I also do some aerobics on a treadmill at the gym. I run full out for 30 seconds then walk for a couple of minutes. I do this 8 times. The Perfect Sit-up would not work in a gym because everyone needs to adjust it to their level and needs. It simply is too complicated to be doing this every few minutes.

  9. The clicking sound means that you're doing the workout correctly, if you don't hear it then you're not doing it right

  10. If you're going to do a “journalistic” review of a product, learn that 'your' is a possessive pronoun and not a substitute for the contraction 'you are'. That would be 'you're'.

  11. i tried it and it works for me. the workouts for the lower abe muscle dont seem to do much but every thing else seems to work for me. i dont hear the click sound but i still feel my abes burning

    1. OK how come people need to repeat themselves a 100 times,YES we all know the CLICKING sounds steams from the fact we are doing it right. And whats with all the grammar crap, who CARES!!!


  13. I just purchased this item & am returning it. I could’ve sworn it was going to work by how it performed on tv, but it was so uncomfortable & difficult to maneuver for not only me, but my husband said the same thing as soon as he tried it. I was so excited to try the bicycle exercises, but they were nearly impossible to do with this item because it was strenuous to lift your legs when strapped into this equipment. Lastly, I am not very overweight nor is my husband & we are of average height as well. Very disappointed. Trying the Ab Coaster next.

  14. My father bought the Perfect Situp for the house without me researching reviews first., it came this week. My mother put it together properly but the head rest and foot brace pop out when my 5'7-5'8 father tested it out. I'm thinking our PS is faulty. Is anyone else having a problem with theirs?

  15. I read most of the comment on here and that's what worries me about buying other machine that is not going to work!! Paying all that money and nothing happen!

  16. I wish this machine was on a decline so your abs can get the full range of motion instead of stopping once you're parallell with the floor.

  17. The clicking sound is to establish that you have done the crunch correctly. It is explained on the perfect sit-up website.

    1. maybe it's just me but I had a difficult time with the machine;Therefore, I returned it and started back with the old sit ups.

  18. I bought the gadget 5 months ago and it is perfect. My vagina has decreased five sizes and I love the clicking sound…I climax every time! It is an amazing sexual toy but I wonder if I could you this gadget to do crunches as well. Any feedback?

    1. If that's the only thing you got from this entire post you're really annoying. MOST, NORMAL individuals who speak English just as eloquently as you can see a grammatical error, correct it mentally and MOVE on.

      Sooooooo (yes, I'm aware that isn't a real word) unnecessary (and this statement is a fragment).

      1. The US is becoming the dumbest country because we accept stupidity as a norm. The writer of this review is posing as a journalist and should know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.

    2. That irritates the hell out of me too, along with people who don't know the difference between “there”, “their” and “they're”.

      1. U guys need to get a life. Ur annoying and if you have a problem wit the auffer's grammr how bout letting him know in private instead of putting on a stage show. No one gives a f..k about ur useless grammar whiteouts

        1. WTF? do these comments have to do with this device??! All you people need to get a life! In fact, since you're NOT reviewing this product. You all must be a bunch of fat ass losers!

          1. This is more ridiculous than commenting irrelevant remarks on a Youtube video. Grammar has nothing to do with this workout device. Trying to remind someone what's grammatically right doesn't make you any smarter or shouldn't make the person any more dumb. Unless you're a perfect, stay shut because everyone here is ignorant.

  19. I'm used to doing traditional crunches: hands behind the head, pulling up. I've decreased upper ab size but the lower half still needed work. I bought the perfect sit up 2 1/2 weeks ago and I can really tell the difference. I do 200 per day right now….WOW. Of course, I do not expect to look like the girl on the box/brochure. Afterall, I'm a 45 yr old african american female, the midsection is always a task to keep under control!! I'm well satisfied with my purchase.

  20. i brought this item and it completely sucks. i want my money back. i brought it while im over here in kuwait and it sucks. you do not really feel anything and when you re doing it the top part will come loose and it is hard to touch opposite knee to elbow..complete waste of money

    1. Sir/Madam, we are sorry that you had an unfavorable experience with the Perfect Situp. We would be more than happy to assist you. Please call us at 1-877-974-7733.

  21. The “clicking” sound is an indicator to let you know you're doing the exercise or range of motion just right and therefore you can go back down once you hear the click. This is to prevent injury, in other words so that you don't over do it.

    For Angel 32085 – if you feel neck or back pain, stop, you are not doing it right. That's the rule of thumb with or without the perfect ab! Maybe you need to trim that mid section a bit more or strenghten that lower back with some other type of workout before you use this tool.

  22. the clicking sounds clicks when your in the right position and doing the crunch right. it says so on commercials


      1. I don't think she's calling him a liar, maybe it worked for him but not her everything isn't for everybody. I will say this, he didn't even know what the click meant all the advertisement says what it's for. I really haven't read any favorable reviews, and reading his is pretty much the same it's up in the air

    1. How can you try it in a chair?? Show me how to do sit-ups while sitting in a chair, maybe I can get a six-pack while sitting in my office…

    2. Sir/Madam, we are sorry that you had an unfavorable experience with the Perfect Situp. We would be more than happy to assist you. Please call us at 1-877-974-7733.

    1. I just lay on the floor on a matt, go thru the same motions with my hands clasped behind my head. It works for me, I'm 55 years old with a 6pack! You dont need to spend $100.00 on this thing, and if you think by just using this thing and not dieting and adding aerobic activity to your work outs your going to have the same abs as the guy in the video>>>>YOUR NOT. Save your money, eat healthier & increase your aerobic activity. There is no magical gadget on the market thats going to get you those abs.

      1. I am 5'1 and weigh 120 lbs. I'm pretty small/almost skinny but not in the best shape. I want to tone up my stomach, abs, and love handles because I have a gut lol. Will this product help me with my goal. P.s I don't exercise on the regular but want this product to tone up. If I get this product I will commit myself to using it everyday if I have to to reach my goal. Is it worth is?

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