Perfect Situp

UPDATED Having a gut sucks.  You literally feel it all day long.  A new method of waist line trimming is available in the form of the Perfect Sit Up from Perfect Fitness. If this isn’t the product for you, take a look at the best posture corrector instead. Designed to work the lower abdominals, the patent pending Perfect Sit Up uses a spring steel back and leg blades that effectively combines a crunch with a leg lift to activate those hard to reach areas.  The range motion sensor sounds an alerts to let you know you’ve reached the correct position and the foot straps insure a proper fit. If you prefer to stay in shape with a hike, don’t forget your best Timex Tide Temp compass watch review.

The Perfect Sit Up is now available for $100.

Update: Checkout our review of the Perfect Situp.


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  1. I think if it is well designed and if used properly maybe it can be an efficient method of training the abs, of course it won't give you an instant 6 pack but nothing does only proper training and an excellent diet.

  2. This thing will give you the best abs!!!
    You know, it will give you the kind of abs you just want to watch a chick take a hot dump on!
    Wendy Williams is a man who incidentally also has a massive male penus.

  3. Back the fucking shit fuck up! Is that a mother fucking perfect fahking sit the shits up!!???! Oh suck my sweet balls the world has come to a fucking end a fuckin head rest too?!?! I can't wait to see if I can do a David Fucikn Caradine with the closet attachment!!! ab work shit fuck! Sweet ass plow get some raped fuckin abs like a professional convict!!

  4. I think it would work after months and months, lol. I lost 150lbs by cut my carbs to 20. Dropped 20lbs in the first two weeks then the rest in the next 3 months……so cut ur carbs=smaller belly

  5. I just bought the perfect sit up and I love it!!! I actually feel it working. It actually makes me want to work out more and more. :)

  6. from what I am reading in these comments, makes me really not want to buy this now.. hahaha i thought it looked great on tv. ahh shit idk.. i still wanna research more on this so called “perfect sit up”

    1. Do you work for the trillion dollar “fitness” industry flopardo? Carbs are essential for anyone who MOVES! Reducing carbs is a terrible way of losing weight. Perhaps what you meant to say was eliminate refined sugars, cooked starches and all meat products? Vegans eat 50-60% raw fruit a day (CARBS). Try to find somebody who has been on a strict raw vegan diet for a year or longer who is fat. You won't! Google: “The China Study” and/or “Victoria Boutenko [any of her books will do]” if you want to get healthy and fit. Everything you know about diet and exercise is most likely a myth. If you want to switch out the “blue pill” for the “red pill” (matrix reference) read the aforementioned books. If you want to stay toxic, overfed and malnourished, keep doing what you're most likely doing.

  7. I just purchased this item & am returning it. I could’ve sworn it was going to work by how it performed on tv, but it was so uncomfortable & difficult to maneuver for not only me, but my husband said the same thing as soon as he tried it. I was so excited to try the bicycle exercises, but they were nearly impossible to do with this item because it was strenuous to lift your legs when strapped into this equipment. Lastly, I am not very overweight nor is my husband & we are of average height as well. Very disappointed. Trying the Ab Coaster next.

    1. Both of the other comments to this post are completely inappropriate. If you don't have something constructive and helpful to post, don't post anything at all. Angie, I hope that the Ab Coaster works better for you and your husband.

  8. Looks like an interesting piece of equipment but I would still include some good old fashiomed sit ups coupled with a bit of cardio and bicep workouts and general weight training

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