The Paris Bedroom Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re gathering home decor for The Paris Bedroom, you can’t go without having the Eiffel Tower displayed in some capacity. Wall art is fine, but Urban Shop’s Eiffel Tower Table Lamp is just too good to pass on. It not only seals together that this is a Paris-themed bedroom, but it also provides a good light.

Why We Like It – The Paris Bedroom

In any Paris themed bedroom, it goes without saying: you need something—anything—pertaining to the Eiffel Tower. It’s practically a rule. And what better way than a table lamp? For a different theme, consider The Peacock Bedroom transformed by a 3-piece coverlet set for your bed.

  • Perfect for a Paris themed bedroom
  • Tasteful design; not too tacky
  • Small; fits on small end tables or side tables
  • Plain, neutral shade cover


You’ll get plenty of use out of Urban Shop’s Eiffel Tower Table Lamp in The Paris Bedroom. It is a lamp, after all. And as far as performing is concerned, it gives off a nice soft lighting. This is primarily due to its 40 watt bulb. It isn’t too bright that it’s blinding, but not too dim that it’s useless. Of course, you can always swap them out for something brighter or dimmer. It would actually go quite nicely next to an American Lifetime Premium Day Clock.


As stated before, The Paris Bedroom needs bedroom decor that points to the Eiffel Tower’s existence—but you don’t want to go overboard. Urban Shop’s Eiffel Tower Table Lamp is the right kind of display piece that will achieve it. This is because it isn’t too large and tacky. It’s barely over a foot tall with dimensions of 5 x 5 x 14.5 inches. In fact, with dimensions like that, it fits perfectly on a small bedside table. And since it’s made of metal, it’s also quite sturdy. However, the white neutral shade cover is too plain, but will match just about anything. It will most definately match the background if you have The Mossy Green Bedroom.


We were surprised to find Urban Shop’s Eiffel Tower Table Lamp is priced perfectly. For just $30, it’s all yours, which is an easy payment to make to bring together the linchpin for The Paris Bedroom. And since it’s primary colors are black/grey and white, it doesn’t matter what kind of sheets and pillowcases you attach to your Casper Sleep Element Mattress and Kunpeng Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow—it will match regardless!

The Paris Bedroom Wrap Up

It might seem silly to think a simple table lamp would be the centerpiece to The Paris Bedroom, but how can you have a Paris-themed bedroom without the Eiffel Tower? Urban Shop’s Eiffel Tower Table lamp is small and will fit on most tables, and is tastefully designed. We only suggest replacing the neutral lamp shade ASAP.

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