The Olympus Air Turns Your Smartphone Into A DSLR

If you’re a photography nut, you probably can’t stand your smartphone’s camera. It’s fine for snapshots, but you want something where you can swap out lenses and get just the right shot for just the right moment. And no, those little clip-on lenses don’t help. Fortunately, there’s an increasing trend of creating a camera that ties into your smartphone, and the Olympus Air might be the best one yet. You might also want to see the Canon EOS Rebel T6i 8211.

Smartphone DSLR

Essentially, the Air breaks up the classic components of a DSLR. Your smartphone serves as the body of the camera, and you bolt the lens assembly onto it. It’s a Micro Four-Thirds camera, so you’ve got an enormous variety of lenses to use, including stabilized ones if that’s more your style.

Once you’ve got a lens connected, it’s simplicity itself; line up your photo, or slot the camera onto a tripod, take your photo, and then upload it wherever you want. The only downside for photo fans is that you won’t have a mechanical shutter to use; the camera uses a digital one, but at least you get speeds of up to 1/16,000th of a second to make up for it.

In The Air


While nothing is ever going to replace the quality of a dedicated DSLR, most of us probably can’t haul that around wherever we may happen to be. The Air seems to be a good compromise, and if you’ve already got some MFT lenses, it’ll be relatively cheap, with just $300 for the base unit.

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