The Nerf Rival Zeus MX-1200 Lets You Hose Your Foes With Balls | Gadget Review
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The Nerf Rival Zeus MX-1200 Lets You Hose Your Foes With Balls

If you have a Nerf desire, you probably own at least one Nerf ball cannon. But, as we all know, Nerf is constantly upgrading its cannons for the best possible shooting experience. In fact, the Rival Zeus MX-1200 has more in common with an actual firearm than a toy you’d play with.

Nerf This

The Zeus is packed full of features. First of all, courtesy of the six C batteries you’ll need to set it up with, it’s a semi-automatic Nerf cannon; every pull of the trigger fires another ball at your hapless target. If you’re worried about taking out a friend during elaborate Nerf wars, don’t be; there’s a safety you can engage.

More than that, though, there’s three rails, one on the top and one on either side, for equipping your Nerf gun with all the tools you need. Among the features we’d recommend is a spare clip of Nerf balls; the Zeus can take a twelve-ball clip. It’s even an ambidextrous reloader; you can release the clip from either side of the gun and load it from either side as well.



Now, you might ask yourself, do I really need a Nerf cannon that can be loaded ambidextrously? One with accessory rails? One with such a professional sensibility that it ships with more extras than actual firearms designed to fire bullets? Well, let us ask you this: Do your coworkers have Nerf guns? Yes? Then you’d better get them first; the Rival line, including the Zeus, arrives this fall.

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