The Moto X Has A Clever Interactive Magazine Ad


One of the key features of the Moto X is that it’s available in pretty much any combination you want of colors and designs. But how to get that across with print? By using an interactive magazine ad, of course.

Color Coded

You can see the ad for yourself without having to pick up the January issue of Wired. Motorola was only too happy to show off:

As you can see, all you have to do is pull the strip, and start poking buttons. But how did Motorola pull this particular stunt off?

It’s Only Wafer-Thin

By, essentially, putting all the components of the ad on a diet. It’s worth noting that the actual ad is probably the thickest page in the magazine; you’re going to notice this when you open up the issue. But it’s still fairly impressive not least for what engineers crammed in there. Essentially, it’s a series of LEDs, a screen, some membrane buttons, and a skinny, skinny battery. Once you pull the strip, the battery feeds power into the LEDs, and poking the buttons gives you the different colors of the Moto X.

Of course, the battery doesn’t last very long, and once it’s dead, the ad is dead too. But hey, it’s pretty neat.

On Stands… In A Few Places


The issue is technically supposed to be out now, but actually it’ll only be available in New York and Chicago at first, with the issue spreading around the country. And, yes, it’s bad form to just go to the newsstand, pull the strip, and play with the ad; you really should buy it, if for no other reason than Wired could probably use the money.

This may not be the future of advertising, but so what? It’s really cool, and that’s all that really matters. Now to replace that battery…

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