The Moto X Becomes A Bit More Affordable


The Moto X, when it first debuted, had a lot in its favor; lots of customization, an up-to-date OS with new ideas, fancy magazine ads, and the fact that it was, de facto, the new Googlephone. One thing that didn’t do so well was the price; Google broke with the trend of offering its hardware for lower prices, although it was available unlocked. Well, until now.

Price Drop

Motorola has announced that the Moto X has officially gone down in price, even if you want to buy it without a contract: Now it’s just $399.

But what drove this? Apparently sales. Motorola held a few holiday flash sales at a lower price and were apparently surprised by the reaction; not surprisingly, a lower-priced high-end phone sells a lot of units. So the question becomes… is the Moto X worth dropping $399 on?

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Well, that depends somewhat on your platform. If you’re an Android devotee or just don’t like iOS in general, the Moto X is built to be a flagship and to somewhat change the discussion on phones. And it also deserves credit for making its battery last, compared to a lot of other smartphones on the market. That said, if you’re invested in iOS, and you’re happy, swapping might not be worth it… for now.

Lower Prices In The Future?


This would seem to indicate that Moto hardware is going to follow the Google model more closely in the future; lower prices up front to lock in users, and making up the difference in app sales, music sales and so on. They’ve already demonstrated a take on that with the Moto G, and it’ll likely keep going in the future. At this rate, especially with Android 4.4 built to run on lower-end devices, switching to Android might soon be so cheap it’s worth it just to save money.

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