The Mossy Green Bedroom Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When putting together master bedroom design ideas, your first move should be to pick paint colors. Aside from home decor, it’s usually the first thing you notice about a living room, guest rooms and so on. Since you’ve settled on mossy olive green colors and the like, the best bedroom paint to use in The Mossy Green Bedroom is Benjamin Moore.

The Mossy Green Bedroom

Why We Like It – The Mossy Green Bedroom

If you’re looking to create a mossy green bedroom, you need the right paint to make it feel like you’re in the middle of a calm and wondrous rain forest. Benjamin Moore is a great start. After the paint job, consider fitting in The Glamorous Bedroom nightstand to add elegance to your bedroom.

  • Eggshell finish pairs nicely w/ mossy green paint colors
  • Won’t have to apply so many coats
  • Paint is easy to work with, even for inexperience painters
  • Price


Why Benjamin Moore? For starters, it’s highly rated for its performance in terms of coverage, durability, cleanability, and incredibly wide color selection. Specifically its color library will certainly come in handy when deciding which decorating ideas you carry out. One such idea for decorating is The Paris Bedroom bedside Eiffel tower lamp. The moss green paint is so good that most of the time you only ever need one coat of paint. Once you’ve painted an accent wall or two, you can rest assured it will stay painted for years to come, in addition to being easy to clean. A simple wipe down is all it ever needs.


We specifically chose an eggshell finish considering it pairs nicely with moss green paint colors, the centerpiece for The Mossy Green Bedroom. If you want a more rain forest look to your guest bedroom or dining room, you can always aim for a semi-gloss finish to simulate a rain forest that’s wet. Benjamin Moore is very accommodating of color palettes, providing thousands of colors to pick from. Want an emerald green bedroom? Ben Moore is happy to show you colors that would match wonderfully with bedroom ideas such as a Casper Sleep Element Mattress of a complimentary color and green pillowcase draped over a Kunpeng Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow.


What might hold you back from creating The Mossy Green Bedroom with Benjamin Moore paint is the price to paint those dark green walls. For a single gallon of Regal Select interior paint, it will set you back $89. Yes, it is very expensive, so skip picking up an expensive American Lifetime Premium Day Clock. There is a silver-lining, however: what you pay for is what you get. Its ability to adhere to your walls, durability, and cleanability all make for a tempting offer. If you go for your average interior paint, you could be looking at purchasing 2 or 3 gallons of paint to finish a single wall, and still get subpar results. Or, alternatively, your beautiful bedroom could be painted with Ben Moore and it’s excellent on the first try.

The Mossy Green Bedroom Wrap Up

Painting The Mossy Green Bedroom with Benjamin Moore is going to be expensive. We won’t sugarcoat that. But in return, you’re getting paint that almost always adheres to your walls on the first try, rather than waste several strokes with subpar paint. Even inexperienced find it easy to use, so cancel the interior designer and get your hands a bit dirty.

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