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The Miracle Machine Is A Tabletop Winemaker

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There was a time in human history where if you wanted booze, you generally had to make it yourself. Wine, beer, hard liquor, it was all stuff we made at home, largely to ease the pain of the backbreaking labor of growing the stuff you needed to make booze in the first place. But we’re a more civilized people, now, and instead we make our booze with gadgets we get from Kickstarter. Meet the Miracle Machine, a wine-producing pod.

The Pleasure Of The Grape

Yeah, you’re not going to be brewing any sort of high-end wine in your kitchen, but you will be able to make decent, drinkable wine using the Miracle Machine. Their exact procedure is being kept under wraps, for obvious reasons, but really, you just pour in the materials from the kit, and the wine makes itself. You control the device through an iOS or Android app.

Drink It Young

There are a few drawbacks. The wine is fermented under air, which means that it’s going to go bad within a couple of weeks, so you’d better be in the mood for some wine when you use this. The team behind the Miracle Machine are also promising that the wine will taste “pre-aged”, which is a synonym for “good” in this case, but that’s a claim that will need to see proof in the drinking.

In Wine There Is Truth

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On the other hand, you can have lots of fun with this, ranging from making your own wine to drink to pouring it into a more expensive bottle and tricking that pretentious friend of a friend into admitting he’s got no idea what he’s talking about. And, hey, you’ll be returning to the fine tradition of brewing your own alcohol at home, just hopefully not so you can drink to forget your job.

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