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The Maxx Bench Makes Weightlifting Safer

If you go to the gym on a regular basis and hit the weights, you’ve probably heard about the “roll of shame.” That’s where you lower a bar to your chest and roll it down until you can sit up. While it’s widely mocked, and why it’s ill advised to lift without a spotter, it’s one of the most dangerous situations you can be in when you’re in the gym; do you want a steel bar pressing into your chest? The Maxx Bench was designed not just to prevent gym faux pas, but to make going safer in the first place.

Dead Lift

The problem is simple: You’ve got a big heavy weight over your heard, designed to push your muscles up to the point of failure. So, if your muscles suddenly and catastrophically fail, which can happen, suddenly you’ve got a heavy weight aiming for your chest or possibly your throat.

The Maxx Bench stops this with the use of a gravity release. If your arms fail, you hit a foot pedal and the bench sinks, while the elbows of the rack catch the bar and lift it away from you so you can get clear. It won’t spare the ego of your local gym rat, but a bruised ego feels a lot better than a crushed throat.

Lifted Up

The Maxx Bench In Action

It’s true this is aimed squarely at the guy who chugs protein shakes at your gym, at least in the marketing, but the simple fact is, if you just want to lift some weights and be in better health, you need safety equipment that won’t compromise your workout. The Maxx Bench will ensure you not only get your lifts in, but it’s economical, too: Currently a full set of equipment is on sale for just $1100, which includes the bench and the rack… a small price to pay for safety when working out.

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