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Marriage, and this tough time develops into a new comedy career that takes her by storm. This show was produced and written by Amy Sherman Palladino. This will surely be a great show because it feels like another version of New Girl, but this time from Mrs Maisel’s perspective. This was on our Best Shows On Amazon with The Boys, a show about corrupt superheroes.

Why We Like It – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Review

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is a warm funny story about a young couple going through the motions of marriage and family drama. Mrs. Maisel goes through various rituals to maintain herself in pristine physical condition while her husband unfortunately slacks off on his effort until it changes their relationship for good. As luck would have it, the misfortunes allowed Mrs Maisel to stumble upon a new career, comedy.

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Honorable mentions must start off with Rachel Brosnahan as the lovely Mrs Maisel. Michael Zegen plays Mrs. Maisel’s husband and comic Joel Maisel. Tony Shalhoub plays Mrs. Maisel’s strict father, one of my favorite characters for his impactful dialogue. Alex Borstein plays Mrs Maisel’s manager Susie, and finally there’s also a special appearance by comedian Lenny Bruce. This series will feature plenty of other performances by Mrs Maisel that I surely can’t wait to see.


Oldsmobiles and other classic cars are seen everywhere in this show in this New York based show. Scenes during the series are paired with big band and jazzy tunes that best fit the era. The clothes, ideals, technology, and environments are all a blast from the past, and it was depicted on point. Although if a comedy is not exactly what you aren’t in the mood for, the best alternative may be The Americans, or Babylon 5.


It is inspiring to see Mrs Maisel get through her endeavours by spilling the tea to her audience. Her life stories turned comedic acts are worth watching because she is able to articulate her jokes so smoothly. It will be worth watching Mrs Maisel show up her old husband, maybe we will see it in the first season or the third season. From now till season three isn’t too much to catch up on, so now would be an ideal time to watch.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Review Wrap Up

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel season is filled with comedic moments based on true life moments in marriage, and family. Anyone will easily be hooked to Miriam Midge Maisel for her independence, sassiness, and dedication for her new comedy career that will surely take the world by storm.

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