The Man In High Castle Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Imagine a world where the Nazi’s won the world war. What would the world look like? What would Hitler look like? If you are curious enough to see an alternate reality as this, The Man In High Castle will be a good pick. This is a great show for anyone that enjoys a dramatic story based on a crazy parallel universe where the world’s history ended differently. The high castle series ranked among our Best Shows On Amazon with shows like The Americans. For those who are yet to find a reliable streaming company, check the best streaming services you may subscribe to today.

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Why We Like It – The Man In High Castle Review

The Man In High Castle is Philip K Dick’s novel turned series about an alternate history line where the Nazis won the second world war. It is streaming only on Amazon Prime Video. In this timeline, the United States is operating as an extension of the Nazi regime. This is a good science fiction series to get into because it offers an alternate look at what history might have come to be if the wrong army forces won the war and altered the present as they wished.

  • Unpredictable Storyline
  • Alternate Future
  • Nazis somehow accepted the Japanese as allies


This sci fi series features good performances by Rufus Sewell as John Smith of the Nazi Regime. Alexa Davalos plays Juliana Crian, a rebel against the Nazi’s that experiences tragic events that lead her to find a new life. The vibes around the first season of the series is geared towards more of a serious-toned show, so if you were looking for a different relief, two other suggestions are The Boys, a superhero series, or Babylon 5, a space series.


The visuals around this series is quite imaginative, because the producers depicted a world run by Nazi’s very well. Featuring abstract lands like the pacific states of Japan, the superpower nazi germany layered building and rooms with visible swastikas everywhere that amplified their power. There are many cringe moments where the Nazis go overboard with their ruling over the people, it makes me feel glad that they truly lost the war in real life because it might have come close to this series.


This is a good show to binge on because of its imaginative value. While I’m ecstatic to know that history did not turn out this way, it is interesting to see the kind of reality that may have come to fruition if not for the actual outcomes. Human snow, an old crippling Hitler with parkinsons, and a surprise union between the japanese and the Nazis is worth checking out. Who knows what will come later in the second season and every new season that’s still to come.

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The Man In High Castle Review Wrap Up

With more than a third season to catch up on, the high castle seasons are absolutely a must see for its highly imaginative world. I am curious to see the rest of the man in high castle’s films, and see the kind of power that it bestows on the people desperately trying to take out a stronger Nazi Germany.

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