The Logi CREATE Gives Your iPad Pro A Pro Keyboard

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If you’re a fan of Apple products, you’re probably excited for the iPad Pro. But the “Pro” factor is somewhat diminished by the fact that it, uh, doesn’t come with a keyboard. Or, rather, it comes with a keyboard that you might prefer to be a bit more professional. So, of course, Logitech is rolling out a keyboard cover that levels up your professional game.


Logitech went all out with this one, as befitting the “Pro” sobriquet. First of all, it’s backlit, and as anybody trapped on a long flight trying to work can tell you, that can be a godsend. It is, of course, a full-sized keyboard, but come on. You know Logitech wouldn’t sell you some tiny keyboard and call it “Pro.”

Also of interest, it’s engineered to work with the Smart Connector that Apple can’t stop talking up. You can, in fact, just open the cover and the CREATE will power on, connecting via Bluetooth to your iPad, and let you get to work. Helping matters is the built-in kickstand, that lets you set your iPad at an angle and start typing.

And if all that weren’t enough, it also serves as a protective case, water repellent and scratch preventing. Which, considering the iPad Pro isn’t cheap, is a relief.


Logi CREATE side view

While this may not be able to replace a full keyboard on a desk, and we haven’t seen an official price for this particular accessory just yet although word is it’ll be $199, it is nice to know Logitech has the back of the millions who will likely be upgrading as the iPad Pro catches up with demand and as people decide a giant tablet was really what they needed in their lives. Now if they could just invent a cover that does the work for you, that’d be even better.

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