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The Little Bit More Is A Tiny Keychain Tool

Metperial Little Bit More
Metperial Little Bit More, a less than pocket sized tool for performing a variety fixes and actions.

At this point, if you don’t have a keychain tool, you’re probably considering one, especially if you’ve trashed your keys opening boxes or keep having to ask a friend to loan you their multitool. Really, no keychain should be without a tool to trim, turn screws, open boxes, and perform other basic tasks we use tools to complete, or at least make less annoying. Ideally, you pack as much form as possible into the simplest design possible, which means the Little Bit More may be close to the perfect minitool.


The design of the Little Bit More, made entirely out of titanium, is almost too clever. The main shaft has a key ring and a very short sharp edge, while a bit with a Phillips head serves as the “sheath” attached with the screw, with a small L-notch cut into it.

And with that, all worlds become possible. The sharp edge serves as a flat-head screwdriver, and you can sandwich anything from wire to your fingernail between the blade and its sheath to trim it. It can also serve as a general lever and yes, since it’s a multitool, it can also be used to open bottles, as per the International Multitool Treaty of 1973. All of that is packed into a tool the size of a drill bit, so you can even take it on an airplane if you need to.

Bit Of Honey

Metperial Little Bit More in a hand

If that weren’t enough, this tiny piece of titanium costs only $15 from its Kickstarter. And really, if that doesn’t sell you on it, the fact that you’ll never need to ask your friend to borrow their keychain should.

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