The Level Gives You a Standing Desk Workout

The Level, from FluidStance, is not just content with you standing up on the job – it wants you to move around at the same time.This crowdfunding project is built around the newfound popularity of the standing desk and the dangers associated with sitting at a desk job all day. However, standing is one thing, but really burning calories and acquiring associated health benefits requires a little bit more activity. One way to do this is using a standing desk treadmill or similar device, but these are pricey and not always practical.

This will work with a motorized stand up desk as well.

Enter the Level, a platform vaguely reminiscent of a wakeboard with a relatively flat upper surface and a tilted lower surface designed to rock back and forth (gently) when you stand on it. Simple concept, simple execution, and the pictures on the Indiegogo page make it clear how the Level is supposed to work.

FluidStance has also gone to lengths to make its wobbling platform as fun as it can be. The basic aluminum-and-wood design is impressive, and the company also makes an effort to mention how eco-friendly and customizable it is.


At the heart this is a platform – which is in effect a standing desk chair – designed to keep you shifting your balance while working. It looks like the poster child of Silicon Valley’s hubristic style. However, if you have a standing desk it could be fun to try out the Level and some of the exercises that FluidStance has created to use with the platform (complete with optional yoga video). Or maybe you could just gently dance to some office music – why not?

If you want to get one of the balancing platforms, you can get one by pledging $289. Note this is the second production run for the American version of the product, so people are indeed buying them. The 279% funded project is also a clue to the product’s success.

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