The last of us remastered presents a new look at the video game from Naughty Dog. The frame rate on current gen consoles, such as the PS4, runs at a smooth 60 FPS which makes the end product look realistic and beautiful as we glance into the post-apocalyptic zombie world. For newcomers to the game. The story revolves around our protagonist, Joel Miller, and Ellie, which are two survivors left behind in the middle of a zombie feeding frenzy. This time around, the remastered edition provided more crisp graphics than the original, and none of the story was altered. Games such as this one, Far Cry 4, and Infamous Second Son, are all absolute favorites for adventure in our Best PS4 Games.

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Why We Like It – The Last Of Us Remastered Review

Naughty Dog has created a remastered version of the zombie game thriller The Last Of Us. This game takes place in a post apocalyptic world run by zombies with the only objective being to survive the madness using and crafting weapons. This is a single player game and rightfully so because it contains an intense story that is worth playing till the end. This action game is played on PS4 and other next gen consoles, running at a beautiful 60 frames per second.

  • 6O FPS
  • Online capabilities
  • Great story
  • No Co-op


The frame rate allowed this game to be played beautifully, and anyone looking to peer into this award winning game will leave satisfied after experiencing the world in this game with very lifelike graphics. In addition, photo mode allows the game to look around the area you’re in, take some pictures and apply some filters to add into the vast open world you are playing. If the single player story mode isn’t satisfying enough, there is an online mode where you can battle other players. Aside from adventure, action RPGs are also making their case in the market, such as the transistor game, which is also worth checking out if you are looking for a turn based adventure.


This video game shows how realistic games have grown to be. Any fan of zombies will love to dive in and shoot some zombies, or maybe craft some explosives and take them out in other creative and colorful ways. The photo mode was a nice addition to the game because it takes you out of the game for a while and embraces the world the developers created. For the price that it currently is, it is most definitely a steal right now for any lovers of adventure games. And if you love open world, check out these top-notch new releases from our review on the best open world games for the PS4 too.


At its current price, this game is definitely undervalued for its extensive story and gameplay. In addition to the improved graphics, this game is worth playing for the first time or once again since the paths to victory may vary depending on what kind of items you run into during your time in the game. You can definitely not go wrong with purchasing this game and slaying some zombies in 60 FPS. This video game is a must-have for all zombie fans. And if you’re looking for other newer experiences with your PS4, make sure to check out the best PS4 games, 2014 versions.

The Last Of Us Remastered Review Wrap Up

This time around the remastered version of The Last of Us does not provide more than a simple graphics update, but that might be all it needed since the game already has proved to be quite a good time filled with zombies and a dramatic storyline. This video game is already a banger of a time, and now we can use photo mode to capture all the sweet events in this post-apocalyptic hell hole. You want to compare it to other awesome games by reading our review on the best video games of 2014, why they are special, and where you can find them for yourself or for friends.

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