While smartphones pack tons of features, there’s often one or two crucial ones that don’t make the cut. If you’re a business user, chances are that you care about having more than one SIM slot in your phone. Most of us can’t use our U.S. carrier/SIM in another country without getting charged exorbitant roaming fees. Some of the best smartphones do come with multiple SIM slots, but it’s too far and few between. If you’re looking for a case for your phone and don’t care about style, check out the world’s ugliest cell phone case ever.

There hasn’t yet really been a solution to this. Users have to replace their U.S. SIM card for a foreign one when they get to the destination, or pick up another device. Fortunately, there’s one a company out there that is trying to help – Krimston. It has built a case, called the Krimston TWO, that appends another SIM slot to your phone. It also serves as an external battery. Pretty neat!

Krimston TWO Dual SIM case
The Krimston TWO case cradles the iPhone 6 or 6S and connects to Lightning port.

Right now, the first product of the Krimston TWO will be available for the iPhone 6 or 6S (but Android support is on the scope!). The case works by connecting to the iPhone’s lightning port. A modem and battery is built in. That means that you merely leave your stock SIM card in the iPhone’s SIM slot and then stick your secondary SIM into the case’s SIM slot. You’ll then have two separate lines and phone numbers on the one iPhone.

Because the iPhone isn’t designed to have two SIM slots, Krimston has produced an app to manage it and make the experience seamless. The app also serves as the dialer and makes your Contacts list available to use for either SIM. What’s more, Krimston was thoughtful and allowed the case’s modem to serve as a mobile hotspot. So if you need to use the data from the foreign SIM on your tablet or laptop, you’re good to go.

Krimston TWO Dual SIM case
The Krimston TWO’s features (dual SIM, mobile hotspot, external battery) are accessed via Krimston’s app.

Krimston has rigously worked to make the TWO a reality. The motherboard itself took a year of development. The case itself is fairly standard, but there are a couple of great features. There is a five-dot indicator that lets the user know the signal strength (similar to the signal bars that we’re all used to in our phone interfaces). A modest 1,700 mAh external battery is also built into the case to help us get through the day, if needed. The battery is active when the user chooses to enable it.

Because the TWO is a new project, Krimston is utilizing KickStarter (popular crowdfunding site) to get it off the ground. The first delivery of the TWO is aimed for August 2016, to “earlybird” supporters who are the first to purchase on the KickStarter campaign. That said, the TWO is ready to go. The case design is final and already has FCC approval. It is expected to retail for $199, but early adopters can currently save $40 via Kickstarter.

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