The Jump Combines A Power Cable And A Battery In One Device


Your smartphone dying just as you need to use it is one of the most annoying common problems we have here in the First World. And there are lots of solutions, but few of them are as elegant as the Jump.

Jumper Cables

The Jump combines two common smartphone accessories: The charging cable and the backup battery. The charging cable part is actually fairly straightforward, really; you just uncoil the cable, plug one end into your phone, and the other end into a USB port. It’s not really revolutionary in that regard, but while your phone is being charged, you can also charge up the battery inside the Jump… ensuring that you’ve always got power handy. Just plug in your phone and you’ll start sucking up electrons.

A Battery Backing You Up

Probably the key factor for most people is the fact that the Jump is not a brick; in fact, it weighs less than two AA batteries. That said, part of the reason batteries are so heavy is because they need that heft to store power, so there is a slight tradeoff in that the Jump will not fully charge your phone; currently it’ll fill an iPhone to one third. And, aesthetically speaking, it looks good and is inherently neat, with the ends of the cables clipping onto the sides, and the nineteen-inch cable supports data transfer on top of everything else.

More Power!


Mostly the Jump will appeal to people who have too much stuff in their bag already; lightening the load with any sort of efficiency is always welcome. And it’s a smart idea that you can probably expect to see more of as smartphones become more efficient and we as a species become more forgetful. If you want one, it’s currently on Kickstarter; getting one for yourself will cost $40, with extras being $35.

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