The Jet Capsule Is A Cross Between A Yacht And A Jet-Ski


Watercraft are one of those creations where the technology is constantly advancing, and yet the price will never fall to the point where you can afford one. So maybe I’ll stick with the best remote control boat for kids. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t drool over it, and if nothing else, the Jet Capsule is eminently droolworthy.

Tiny, But Powerful

Essentially, the ship is a cross between a yacht and a jetski. Developed by Lazzarini as a “mini-yacht”, it’s 24.6 feet long and 11.5 feet wide, but there’s a lot crammed into what’s a relatively tiny space for a boat. Yes, we’ve lived in smaller apartments too.

Made from fiberglass, it’s got a waterjet system that can be powered by either one or two engines, and you’ve got a choice of gas engine or diesel to boot. It can seat eight passengers, it’s got a rooftop sundeck, and a convertible bedroom comes standard. You can even get it with a kitchen.

But what really stands out are the… odd customization ideas Lazzarini has for this boat.

Military Grade

For example, they think it can be turned into a floating store; heck, why not, it’s got the space. Or, for that matter, an intimate floating restaurant, although hopefully everybody making a reservation has their sealegs. Probably the strangest idea, though, is the idea of the Jet Capsule as a military craft, complete with gatling in the back, armor, and camouflage. Seriously, they even did a Photoshop mockup:


Cheap, For A Yacht

Lazzarini hasn’t priced the Jet Capsule just yet; it’s waiting to make its debut at the Monaco Boat Show. But considering all the amenities, and considering the ultimate goals for this, it’s probably going to cost a pretty penny. But it will still be cheaper than a lot of yachts, and it might even come in under $1 million. Which, for a yacht, is saying something.

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