The humble alarm clock has developed a lot of competition over the years. In the face of the smartphone, a multitasker with multiple alarms and a multitude of variety and costs, it’s had to diversify, toughen up, and offer more features. And the JBL Horizon is a Swiss Army alarm clock for just such a purpose.

Bells And Alarms

First off, it really has to be said, this is one fancy alarm clock. You can set two different alarms, of course, but it comes with options. For example, you can wake up to music streaming from a Bluetooth device instead of alarm tones or FM radio, although both will be options if you decide to use them. In addition, it has an LED light that slowly brightens to help you ease out of sleep and into your workday, a nice touch.

As for the sound, you have, of course, JBL quality behind this particular alarm clock. But what about that Bluetooth device?

Nightstand Multitasker

JBL Horizon 2

Well, since this will use up an outlet, it makes up for it by including two USB ports to charge up your phone, and also to leave it on to stream music. They’re even fast-charging ports, with 1 amp, and they’re independently wired, so two devices won’t charge more slowly. If that weren’t enough, it’s actually fairly pretty too, looking a bit like a round speaker.

In short, if you need an alarm clock, this is well worth the $100. Although we’ll make no promises about how you’ll feel the first time you need to go back to using your phone; you might miss the stereo sound.

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