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The Internet Arcade: Play 900+ Classic Arcade Games

The Internet Arcade

If you’re an emulator junkie like me, you already know that installing MAME and finding working ROMs of your favorite classic arcade games is a chore. But now, thanks to the fine folks at the Internet Archive, you’re able to play over 900 classic arcade games right from your browser.

In an effort to catalog all things non-digital to bring them into the digital world we now live in, the Internet Archive has furthered their JSMESS project, which is an attempt to emulate as many systems as possible in Javascript. The company previously created an Atari 2600 browser emulator, Classic PC game browser emulator, and a Sega Genesis browser emulator. Now, the company has added The Internet Arcade, allowing you to play such classic arcade games as Bionic Commando, Galaga and Street Fighter II.

Of course, the games don’t work flawlessly just yet, as many of them are missing sound completely. Anyone who has messed with installing MAME and ROMs on their PC in the past knows just how much of an achievement it is to get MAME running in a browser environment, without any plugins or runtime files. It is recommended that users use Firefox for the fastest environment. But this is a work in progress, and the creative team will work to get more games fully working, as one of the JSMESS developers points out in a blog post.

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