The Internet Alarm System for Your House: Alert Me

Alert Me
Alert Me sounds like a good idea, but the reality of it is that it’s flawed. First let me tell you what it is before I start trampling all over the product. Alert Me is essentially a water downed alarm system for your home (aka personalized alarm system). It uses the power of the Internet, sensors and key FOBs. You simply setup the home base, connect it to the Internet, set your preferences and ‘whamo’, you’re in business. Easiestly the coolest feature are the key FOBs. The system will detect when the FOBs are in range confirming a verified presence. If your kids don’t toss the FOBs in the river on day one, then you’ll also be able to see when they’ve arrived home safely through Alert Me’s website – you can view all your alerts and status updates there as well.

Alert Me Explained

Included in the package are a number of sensors that you can place through out your home to detect unsolicited entry. If someone does decided to perform a good old ‘smash and grab’ (my ode to “Oceans 11”) Alert Me will send you a text message notifying you of the situation. Now here is where it get’s flawed. Alert Me suggests that you have neighbor and/or friends receive the text messages as well. They can then go and check and see if everything is a-okay and call the police, or fire department as necessary. Personally, I wouldn’t wanna be the neighbor risking my neck only to find an axe murder stealing silverware, and end up a chopped bloody mess all because my neighbor was too cheap to get an alarm system (deep breath). In the event that your broadband or power goes out (yes, it requires those) the system will utilize battery power and the old school cell phone based Internet – GPRS – (not sure if it’s built-in or you have to plug in a cell phone to it) to communicate with the Alert Me servers.

According to OhGizmo, it’ll cost you $790 and $23 a month.

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