Remote controls; we’ve all got at least a few of them. Maybe you’ve got a TV controller, a Roku controller, a Blu-Ray, a stereo… the list just goes on. You might have even read our channel master DVR review and might also have one of those.  It may feel like really, your electronics are just a vehicle for your remotes. So one man has invented a universal remote that’s not only universal, but infinitely customizable to your standards. With its unique feature sets, it may well rise to be a contender for the the best touch screen remote in the market. We bring you the Top 6 Best Universal Remote Compared.

Control Of Remotes

Essentially, the designer has created a remote control that shifts depending on what you point it at. Unlike a lot of expensive universal remote, this is designed to be as simple and button-free, or as complex, as you might want.

As the Huis detects a system, the remote face shifts to a new layout. But it’s not a pre-programmed layout; it’s whatever you want on the remote. Furthermore, the layout is completely adjustable, from what buttons are on the screen to the size of said buttons. It’s no longer a question of figuring out what your remote does; you decide what you need it to do, and it pops up the buttons you need to do it.

Remote Possibilities

Ultimate Remote-1

The creativity extends to more than just the basic idea; the Huis uses epaper to make the shift, so that you don’t have to worry about your fancy remote control running out of battery power after five minutes of use. You can even create custom layouts for your smart home so you can easily flick off the lights, close the shutters, or otherwise get done what you need. In short, bar your Kindle, it’ll be the handiest piece of epaper you have around the home.

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