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The first season of The Handmaid’s tale reveals the atrocities occurring to this society. Since the infertility plague hit, elite families took it upon themselves to capture fertile girls and force them to have their babies. This creates the dystopian reality we witness where girls are forced to wear certain clothes to be identified, and are brutally beat if they fall out of line. This dystopian tale is first place in our Best Shows On Hulu zooming past The Act.

Why We Like It – The Handmaid’s Tale Review

This series is an interpretation of the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. The handmaid’s tale is about society living with an infertility plague. The fertile girls are trapped by families and forced to bear the children of the family that captures them. They are living under very strict rules and lie somewhere in the United States. The handmaids in this science fiction thriller are in for some brutal times going forward in the series.

  • Crazy but entertaining totalitarian rules
  • Suspenseful during many points
  • Story starts slow


Elisabeth Moss plays Offred, a maid living under the rule of Commander Fred Waterford, played by Joseph Finnes. Offred lives with other handmaids like Ofglen, played by Alexis Bledel. Aunt Lydia is the reigning handmaids’ teacher that takes it upon herself to teach them how to be obedient. Yvonne Strahovski plays the Commander’s equally evil wife Serena Joy. Between these characters, the show is shrouded in tense moments between the handmaids and the commander as they are regularly taken advantage of in hopes that they become involuntarily pregnant. The atmosphere around this series may not be suitable for some viewers, so if that is the case other series’ to scope out is the cartoon Bob’s Burgers.


In this dystopian future, the handmaids wear red robes and white bonnets known as wings. The maids are all kept under control by Aunt Lydia. The sounds used in the series are usually eerie and scary, and provoke the feeling that something is terribly wrong. When the handmaids are out and about they usually talk in small amounts because they cannot be caught gossiping by any surveillance vehicles. As this dystopia takes us for a massive turn, Atlanta also offers a great story about rappers trying to make it in the music business.


The Handmaid’s Tale season is a good series to watch because there is sure to be a handmaid’s revolt at one point or another. The handmaid’s are tired of living this life so who knows what kind of dissent will happen in these next two seasons. That revolt will surely be an epic scene that is a must watch because there is no telling how far this society will go to ensure their babies are made. There lies some horrible acts still ahead for the handmaids.

The Handmaid’s Tale Review Wrap Up

In The Handmaid’s Tale, there is a group of women being forced to have other families’ babies by force. The elite families created a horrible system to keep these handmaid’s in check. They successfully brainwash some of them to accept their present, but some maids still have the fighting spirit in them to try to find a way to escape this terrible reality.

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