The Han Solo Fridge Will Put Your Drinks In Carbonite

han fridge

ThinkGeek is one of those companies that’s masterful at turning out things you don’t need but desperately want. Especially when it comes to beloved franchises; anybody with a fandom has at least one ThinkGeek toy, gadget, widget, or device somewhere in their pile of collectibles. And they’re at it again, this time with a mini-fridge you probably don’t need, but almost certainly, in fact, want. This may not be the Samsung Chef Collection 34.3 Cu. Ft. 4-Door Flex French Door Refrigerator – Editor’s Choice for Best French Door Refrigerator, but it is awesome.

We Love It.

To be fair, this is more than just a steel box with a licensed image on the front. Although, yes, there is Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, right there on the front of the fridge, complete with red LEDs to underlight the face and really give it that Empire look. It also, however, happens to be a heating and cooling device. Yep, if you need to keep some burgers warm, this will take care of that, and if you need to chill things, well, it can fit up to 18 cans of soda.

Or, you know, beer. Beer will also work. Really you should be putting beer in this thing if you’re over the age of 24.

We Know.

han fridge 2

It’s pretty small; in fact, ThinkGeek recommends you put in on an end table for the best display and accessibility. But you’ll want to display this. After all, you know you love it.

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  1. I wish when you use the word “review” in your title that you would actually review it and not just advertise it. How well does it work? Does it keep the beverages as cool as a normal refrigerator would? If not how much difference is there in temperature?

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