The Gunbus 410 Is The World’s Largest Motorcycle


For those who prefer two-wheeled toys will definitely be interested in the Gunbus 410. Touted as the world’s largest motorcycle, it may look like any old motorcycle, but up close it’s a monster compared to a regular bike. It measures 11.6 feet long and is 4.9 feet high and rides on a massive 38-inch front wheel and 42-inch rear wheel. Oh, and it weighs a whopping 1,433 pounds, which makes it anything but lightweight as other motorcycles tend to be. Powering the beast is a 350-hp 6.7-litter twin cylinder engine that gets 523 lb-ft of torque so you’ll definitely have others eating your dust on the road. If you’re liking what you see and what to trade in your old Harley-Davidson for the gigantic Gunbus 410, be ready to fork over about $350,000 for it (which makes it more than some super cars!).



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