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The Great is a series about the rise of Catherine the Great. At the start of the series, Catherine marries Emperor Peter III. The emperor’s worldview differs greatly from Catherine’s, and this ultimately ceases their love. Catherine’s projects are constantly shot down by the Emperor because he believes women are “for seeding not reading”. Their marriage starts to crumble as Peter and Catherine begin to plot each other’s fall. This series is on Best Shows On Hulu list along with The Handmaid’s Tale.

Why We Like It – The Great Review

The Great series is a true story about the rise of Catherine the Great. In this series, Catherine marries Emperor Peter III of Russia. Catherine hopes this marriage works out, but as the days pass she finds many things wrong with her husband.

  • Clever high brow language
  • Great Costumes
  • No distinguishable Russian accents


Elle Fanning plays Catherine the Great. Catherine is a smart, modest, and reasonable empress. Nicholas Hoult stars as Emperor Peter the III. Emperor Peter is a ruthless ruler; he often ridicules his own court into doing things for his own amusement. Between these two distinct characters, the court begins to divide between the emperor or the empress. While this period drama may not excite everyone, another great series to watch is The Act, a true-crime story.


This period drama was created by Tony Mcnamara. The characters are dressed in powdered wigs and elegant clothing that brings us back to this royal era. One thing that felt odd was the characters’ use of modern curse words throughout the series. The scenes usually take place in the Emperors’ palace. The characters include the emperor, empress, and their loyal subjects. If this period drama isn’t for you, feel free to see Atlanta, a modern story about rappers.


This is a great series to watch because it offers a glimpse into the rise of Catherine the Great. This show highlights the stress women went through when their husbands overpowered them. It is exciting to see Catherine try to stop the ruthless bloodshed happening in Russia. After a suspenseful drama like this, a series like Bob’s Burgers can bring some much-needed laughter

The Great Review Wrap Up

The Great is a series about Catherine the Great coming into power. She has a stressful marriage because of her husband’s power, but these problems do not stop her plots to bring down the emperor. Catherine is determined to make Russia a better country. There is only a season to binge, so now is the best time to catch up on this period drama.

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