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This car show on Amazon Prime Video peeks into the amazing world of today’s supercars. Here we can enjoy great commentary by our journalists on these amazing machines. It is a treat to see the cars driving around the speedways using their maximum power. This series may also improve the success of certain cars by showcasing their abilities. If these car critiques become too stale to watch, try out The Boys on our Best Shows on Amazon.

Why We Like It – The Grand Tour Review

This series on Amazon Prime is about car journalists James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson diving into different car models to analyze and critique. The journalists study different things such as the turbulence, torque, speed and durability on many models of cars. From the creators of Top Gear comes another show about cars. This is a show for car fanatics curious enough to see what is coming out of the automotive world.

  • Dope Cars
  • Lots of Racing
  • Not much plot


The journalists maintain a relaxed attitude as they talk about the features of the car with a slight hint of sharing friendly gossip about each other’s car related events. There doesn’t seem to be too much conflict to handle throughout the show either than realizing one car is slower than another. The camerawork towards the car is what really makes the show pop by featuring slow motions moments of the hardest drifts and the best tire burnouts.


The design of this show is structured as a reality talk show between the car journalists and audience all within a traveling studio tent. After the talk show, the show pulls back to see the commentary among the journalists as they drive super nice cars down a variety of speedways. The races between the many supercars will surely keep you at your feet, and watching the end results. If cars and racing aren’t a hit with you, we suggest The Americans or Babylon 5.


This is a great show for anyone that is interested in seeing the latest and greatest car models. This show provides an in-depth analysis of many expensive cars. The show also provides comparison and contrast between supercars. In addition, the commentary between journalists gives a depth to their relationship through this business. This is a great show that will help anyone make a solid choice next time they purchase a supercar. If you are a fan of these speed machines be prepared to be psyched at every turn right at the start of the first episode.

The Grand Tour Review Wrap Up

The Grand Tour seasons showcase all the best cars in the market at the moment. Be prepared to see a variety of crazy races as these journalists go behind the wheel with some of the fastest machines. This is a great show for anyone looking to see the performance of some of the latest and hottest cars with a slice of humor coming from the relationship between Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

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