The Good Side of…..Evil? (video)

Evil Controllers is one of the premier modded controller manufacturers on the market – and when I say “modded”, well they do pretty much anything.  From housing mods, to their “Evil D-Pad”, to adding rapid fire; nothing is too sacred to mod for Evil.  That’s where they end up catching flack from some gamers though, because their mods can give someone an artificial edge.

Now however, Evil Controllers has teamed up with The Able Gamers Foundation in order to address an issue that doesn’t get nearly enough press – disabled gamers.  Whether someone was both normal and had an accident or illness cripple their ability to play games, or they were born without the ability to enjoy the range of motion normal people do, games could help them step away from their normal lives (if only for a while), and enjoy things like everyone else.  However to do this, special considerations have to end up being made.

Enter the Adroit Switchblade Controller.

The Adroit Switchblade Controller is easily one of the oddest things I’ve seen for controlling a video game, but that’s because I’ve taken my ability to freely move for granted (as I’m sure a lot of other have as well).  It features two small mountable boxes that hold the analog sticks and rumble motors, and then a large box that holds everything that makes it work.  A disabled person can set up switches that would do things you normally would hold a button for – like crouching in Call of Duty, and turbo abilities for games that need it (if the disabled gamer can’t rapidly hit a button over and over again).

While it does end up costing $399.99, that’s really a small price to pay for someone that really needs it.  I know the countless hours of joy that gaming has brought to my life in the past, and I know how grumpy I’d be if I could never play anything again.  Hopefully this will get the press coverage it needs to succeed, which will then cause other manufacturers to see that this is a real need in the gaming community.

Say what you want about Evil Controllers, and the advantages they give people – if they keep doing things like this to give the ability to game to those that wouldn’t otherwise have it – they’re fine by me.  While I hope to never have anything happen to me that would facilitate my need to use the Adroit Switchblade Controller, it’s a good feeling to know that it’s there in case I ever did need it.


Keep tuned in here for a review of other Evil Controllers in the near future.

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