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The Good Place is a show about people living in the afterlife. The residents of this place have each of their desires met. Residents here can do crazy things like fly, recieve anything they need, and have a home perfectly suited for them. Eleanor Shellstrop recently passed away, and as she goes through the orientation process of the good place, she realizes that her home and memories don’t fit her past life at all. This is a fantasy comedy series on our Best Shows On Hulu.

Why We Like It – The Good Place Review

The Good Place is a fantasy series where people go to heaven after they have passed away. This is a place where you can get anything you want, whenever you want. Every newcomer receives a house best fit for their tastes. Eleanor Shellstrop is one of the newest residents in this afterlife. She finds everything great about her new life, but her issue is that she seems to have taken the place of another person’s afterlife, which makes her question why it happened.

  • The Good Place has many magical surprises
  • It is a great place to spend the afterlife
  • Suspension of disbelief heavily required


Kristen Bell plays Eleanor, the new resident in the good place. She is accompanied by her pre-selected soulmate Chidi Anagonye, an extremely ethical person played by William Jackson Harper. Ted Danson is Michael, who is in charge of introducing people to the good place and helping them get accommodated to this afterlife. Michael Schur produced the show. After you catch up on this series, continue to laugh with the cartoon series Bob’s Burgers.


In the good place, there are frozen yogurt shops at every corner. There is no cursing allowed, and any attempt to do will be magically filtered into socially acceptable words. The residents are not allowed to talk about the bad place. The good place does everything in its power to give residents all they need to live a happy afterlife. After watching this series, balance out these good moments with The Handmaid’s Tale, a frightening story about life in a totalitarian state.


At the start of the first season, Eleanor feels out of place because of the details in her home and her memories don’t fit her past life. With the help of her soulmate, she will try to feel more at home by becoming a better person. It will be interesting to see this show till the final season to find out if she ends up fitting in or being sent to the bad place. There are 4 seasons to see before the series finale, but if you are looking for something shorter The Act or Atlanta might be a better choice.

The Good Place Review Wrap Up

The Good Place is a series about living the afterlife of your dreams. Eleanor’s arrives at the good place confused because it seems that she was sent there by accident. She was hardly nice to people in her past life. Now Eleanor and her soulmate Chidi are off to find other people like herself that may also feel out of place.

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