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The Goblin Deuce Is The Double Barrel Airsoft Gun You Always Wanted

Airsoft is spectactular for people who want to mess around with things that feel like guns, but do not actually want to send fatal chunks of metal through the air. It’s also cheaper, which helps considerably. And, if you want to feel like an ’80s action hero, the Goblin Deuce will help you achieve your dream. Mustaches not included.

Two Barrels Of Fun

It’s fairly straightforward, if you know your way around Airsoft. You use compressed air to fire soft pellets at each other. But oddly, there haven’t been many double barreled Airsoft guns, until this sawed-off shotgun model.

Part of that is the firing mechanism, which is much like the illegal weapon on which it’s based. You can fire one barrel at a time, or you can flip the selector over and discharge both barrels and all twelve pellets into your foes.

Barrel Through

airsoft gun

Realistically speaking, you’re never going to fire an actual sawed-off shotgun. They’re illegal for excellent reason, after all. But if you want to try it out without breaking the law or hurting anybody, or if you need a small, effective way to deal with your foes at the Airsoft, this will help.

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