The Glask Puts a Flask in Your Baseball Glove

What two things do not go well together? If you somehow managed to guess “playing baseball and drinking,” then congratulations, you too may be baffled by the Glask, a baseball glove and flask in one.

The glove is made of synthetic black leather and, at first glance, looks like your average baseball glove. You put it on, you catch balls, you wince if they come in fast, end of story. But the Glask actually serves two purposes. Inside the glove is a little pouch that serves as a flask. Store whatever beverage you want in that flask, and its right there with you in the field if you want to take a drink. You can either guzzle straight from the glove itself (a bit awkward) or pour from the flask into a waiting cup (which you are unlikely to have with you).

As you can see, this raises a whole lot of odd questions, starting with, “Huh?” and possibly ending with, “How did this get funded?”


First thing first: Let’s give everyone a huge benefit of the doubt and say that they are filling their 8-ounce Glask flask with nourishing water or Gatorade. How is a flash pouch supposed to survive the pummeling it would get inside a baseball glove without rupture or outright exploding after a fastball? The answer appears to be simple – it’s not. That’s why buying the Glask comes with 3 disposable flasks, so you can switch to another when one wears out. The problem is that isn’t very clear what “disposable” means or how you know when to switch out the flasks. Can you only use them once? How many catches can one flask take? All in all, it sounds like a recipe for trouble.

The second point: Let’s be honest, there’s only a few things that an 8-ounce flask is suitable for, and they are all alcohol-related. So if you want to take a nip in the middle of a game, then by all means go for it. But it seems like a sport that relies a lot of coordination, reaction time, and accurate throws is not the best place to get your buzz on, right?

If you disagree – well then, the Glask could be a great complement to your sunny summer afternoons. And don’t forget the option for warm water! You can get a Glask glove for $36 if you want to act now.

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  1. What about taking this with you to a boring baseball game?? For me, that would make things way more interesting!

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