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If you are searching for the Best Fujifilm Cameras and perhaps the best digital camera for a beginner, the Fujifilm XP140 is the perfect tool that will get anyone excited to take some photos. This is a durable camera that has been certified waterproof and shockproof. It even uses new connectivity features that lets you transfer your pictures onto your smartphone for a quick upload.

Why We Like It – The Fujifilm XP140

The Fujifilm XP140 is a great starter kit for the incoming photographer because it includes everything from a 32GB memory card, DSLR accessories, to a cleaning cloth so the lens can always stay debri free. This compact and stylish yellow camera has impressive abilities such as recording in 4K, and a CMOS sensor that can capture pictures in a darker setting and even underwater.

  • 16.4 MP BSI CMOS sensor will help you take better pictures without as much light
  • It can record videos in 4K quality at 15 FPS
  • Only holds enough battery for about 240 shots

Image quality

The Fujifilm FinePix XP140 uses a 16.4 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor to capture the best moments even if they are in a low light setting or underwater. You can zoom into the scene using a 5x optical zoom or a 10x intelligent digital zoom. When you start recording your 4K video, this Fuji camera will capture videos at 15 FPS. You can apply different shutter speeds and self timers to capture the best moments every single time. If you would rather invest in more of a professional grade camera, you may be interested in the Fujifilm GFX 100.

Ease of use

The Fujifilm XP140 was built for rare photographers that want to want a good camera to take pictures every now and then. It has limited controls, so it will be fairly easy to learn all the available mechanics. You can experiment with 17 advanced filters using the LCD display on the back of the camera to determine which levels of brightness and saturation makes your photos come out the best. If you would like more controls on your next camera investment, feel free to check out our top recommendation: the Fujifilm X-T30.

Battery Life

Since this camera has a light build, the battery can only last about 240 shots on a single charge. You will be surprised to find out that this camera still manages to take about two hours to fully charge. Battery life may vary depending on your type of usage; functions like video recording usually will drain more battery than photos.


The Fuji XP140 includes a cleaning and accessory kit so you can keep your investment in mint condition. It includes a foam floating camera strap so you can carry your camera securely. Since this is a lightly built camera, it would be best to use the included protection accessories to extend its life. While it is marked as waterproof and shockproof, some customers have found a breaking point with water, so it would be best to tread carefully while using it underwater.


The image stabilization on this camera will help you close in on the fleeting moments of life and capture the best parts of it. The Bluetooth connectivity will make the image transferring easy by giving you the power to pair up with a smartphone with the Fujifilm Camera Remote app. The bundle package included is one of the most generous in the industry and will help you keep your products in great condition at all times without making extra purchases. If you are not yet convinced that you want this camera, it may be time to check out alternatives such as the Fujifilm X-T4.

The Fujifilm XP140 Wrap Up

The Fujifilm xp140 is a great choice for a starter because it has plenty of fun settings to play around with such as the advanced filters. This camera also packs a digital zoom and an optical zoom to ensure that you can zoom into every moment you want to capture. The included bundles also saves you money by providing virtually everything you need to get you started on your photography journey.

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