It’s a little surprising how many people honestly believe the world’s about to collapse. Whether they’re prepping their bunkers or learning how to light a fire using just a polished can lid, a lot of people are ready to run to the woods. Which is where the First 24 survival kit comes into play. This will rival even the best disaster first aid kit currently on the market.

A Day To Survive

As this is made by Taurus, as you might expect, the anchor of this kit is the Taurus Judge, with some customization by Pro Aim Tactical. That takes a .45 Colt cartridge or a .410 bore shot shell, so it’s not going to lack for firepower.  Already, this is in the running for the best disaster kit.

The rest of the kit includes a Sting survival blade, which is three inches of carbon steel; a six-inch LED flashlight; adhesive emergency lights; a fire-starting kit; a spherical compass, and, of course, batteries and paracord, because every survival kit needs both. To truly be prepared for survival, take a look at the best disaster food kit too.

Survival Of The Prepared


Admittedly, you’re probably not going to need this stuff. Realistically, society’s not going to implode any time soon. Also, there are a few glaring omissions, like, for example, a can opener or a multitool. Really, that should be the key to any survival kit; you’re more likely to need pliers than a revolver. But, hey, if you do need a revolver, it comes in a handy case! What you should also have for disaster preparation is the SOS in a Box, which is a solar powered backup generator system.

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