The Fire-Engine Red Nexus 5 Is Here


The Nexus 5 is Google’s flagship smartphone, where they show off the new features of Android, and where they generally make the argument for putting Google in your pocket. And apparently, it’s now bright red.


Google, being Google, simply announced the new color with a lack of fanfare; it hit the Google Play store yesterday, and joins white and black as the colors available. And beyond the base plate, it’s the same great phone Google’s been selling: The same Snapdragon under the hood, the same operating system, the same big screen. Essentially, Google didn’t answer the big question everyone was asking…

Why Red?

The only thing Google would say is that apparently a red phone has been in demand from its userbase for a while, so they went ahead and got that fixed. Google suggests you “show off your personality” with their bright red phone, and it’s certainly going to attract attention; we’ve already seen a few of them “in the wild”, as it were, and the phone practically glows.

But that still doesn’t answer the question, and it sure leaves us curious. And it also leads into the next question…

Are More Colors On The Way?

red nexus 5
Honestly, more colors becoming available does, in fact, seem likely. Google was, of course, behind the recent Moto X experiment, where a wide variety of customization options were being made available. And in general, it seems to want to give the people what they want; Google pretty much doesn’t care what hardware you have, as long as it’s hardware that uses Google software. So it’s fairly safe to assume that when the next Nexus comes along, sometime this year, that it’ll probably be available in more colors, and might even integrate some of the custom ideas from the Moto X. Which is good, since nobody else will build us our industrial green and Day-glo purple phone.

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