Are you looking for a new way to commute? Something fun and environmentally friendly? But maybe you don’t want a traditional skateboard. Well, you are in luck. The Elos Skateboard is an easy to learn mini-cruiser built for urban commuters and non-skateboarders alike.

The Elos Skateboard is Fun and Will Get You There Fast

This new mode of transport will cut travel time in half and you’ll enjoy your commute much more. The Elos skateboard is unlike any other skateboard. It is compact and stable and easy to use. It was created with the simple intention of designing a board so friends and family would have an easier time learning to ride.


Things have evolved from the original concept from 2003 and today it is a skateboard that fits easily into an on the go urban lifestyle. Getting to the office has never been faster and it’s good for you too, since you are out and moving around instead of sitting in a car or on a bus. It’s also perfect for places like college campuses.

At only 4 pounds, this board is ultraportable. Carry it in your hands or with your backpack or messenger bag.

So what makes it so easy to use? This board is wide and stable with a low center of gravity. This makes it easy for beginners. But it’s not just easy for beginners, this board also gives you the smoothest ride in town, thanks to its large soft wheels. They measure 72mm in diameter with a 76a softness rating. They have a lightweight hollow core design. The deck is made of 7 ply maple.

The Elos Skateboard Is A Compact Urban Cruiser
The Elos Skateboard is a new breed of board.

You’l Love This New Skateboard

The attention to detail on the Elos is what sets it apart from other skateboards. A perfect example is the special surface coating that will not scratch up your suit or anything else you wear. And once you get to work, you can easily put your Elos next to you on your desk or table, thanks to the patented Table-Dock system. Another nice detail is the built-in reflectors, which will keep you safe when you ride at night.

The Elos can handle sharp turns smoothly and it seems more agile than a standard skateboard. In fact, experienced users can turn Elos on a dime and probably do some super cool tricks too.

It comes in charcoal black, Elos Blue, Clear Maple, Ocean Green, Maroon Red, and Coral red.

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