Update: If you want to check the Elder Scroll Online Beta server status, one of the best spot is on the support page.

If you’ve cleared out 30GB to install The Elder Scrolls Online stress test that’s happening this week, you’re most likely seeing this message for the better part of the day:

Requesting character load…

Of course, that’s to be expected during an MMO stress test. Hopefully when server load is lighten during the end of the day, gamers that have opted in to stress test will be able to experience a little bit of ESO during the weekend. Remember, if you have issues your best bet is to head to the Beta Forums (of course you’re also greeted with a message about long waiting times).

For the lucky few that have been able to login without issue, you’re most likely experiencing spawning problems (from the last disconnect). If you spawn back at your instance (e.g. a dungeon), you’ll most likely get stuck into a long loading screen (BTW don’t bother TP’ing out as that apparently doesn’t work).

Its very likely that the main quest areas are all filled the minute you finish the tutorial area.

In either case, if the Beta Stress test has you intrigued, there’s currently a 25% off coupon available for both the pre-orders of ESO Imperial and Standard edition:

For more details on the pre-order bonuses offered for the digital edition of The Elder Scrolls Online, check out our previous post here.

If you’re tired of the loading dialog, check out PC Gamer’s preview of the game, which had their embargo lifted just yesterday. (For a quick skinning on the game, I think the commentary starting at 3:45 of the preview video really sums up the experience if you were expecting something else — don’t forget that this is still a MMO style of gameplay!).

FYI: Info above is from the Elder Scrolls community forums. We actually haven’t installed or sign-up for the ESO Beta Stress test just yet.



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    Best of luck for the next!

  2. Lucky few is inaccurate, me and many others (the majority) were able to play most of the weekend. Also shows how much they truly know as the megaserver creates channels which doesn’t allow for overcrowding of zones.

  3. you should have played thru to the next area/zone it had lots of exploration feel to it as it was bigger than the island u start at after the prison there are skull and cross bone areas where the mobs are groups of elites per say and lots of caves i dont feel that lvl 5 is enough game time to leave such a negative mark on the game

  4. I like how you guys are talking about NDA when people are out right breaking by streaming on Twitch etc while this guy is just relaying what’s public on the forums.

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